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Golf Advisor, NBC Sports Group

An experience I never could've imagined.


I spent Summer 2019 as a Video Storytelling Intern with Golf Advisor, a part of GOLF Channel and the NBC Sports Group in Orlando, FL. I had the opportunity to work on incredibly exciting projects and meet some amazing people. I was given a taste of my dream job.























Working on content I loved.


Most of my summer consisted of working with material from the GOLF Channel television show "GOLF ADVISOR: ROUND TRIP." As a travel show, it showcases a variety of golf courses, clubs, and resorts all over the world. It is hosted by editor-at-large Matt Ginella and edited in-house by a small team in Orlando. The only downside of working on this show is not being able to travel myself!

First day: extending an interview for GOLFPASS

My very first project on my very first day was a video for GOLFPASS, GOLF's video subscription service. The video was an extended interview with three golfers in the Maui episode of Golf Advisor: Round Trip, one of which was Lukas Nelson, son of Willie Nelson. The video is now available on GOLFPASS!

Logging and editing footage from Paradise.

Once the Maui episode was finished, we switched gears to The Bahamas. I was tasked with logging all of the media we had received from the production team, as well as creating a b-roll stringout for delivery to The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Atlantis Resorts. Additionally, I helped make three sizzles to eventually be used in the promotion of the episode.

The Cradle of American golf, right in my timeline.

The next episode in line was Pinehurst, one of the most iconic golf destinations in the world. I was given the opportunity to create another GOLFPASS feature, this time highlighting lawn bowling at Pinehurst. Before this I had been working with footage that was already trimmed, color corrected, and worked on, however since filming had just wrapped, I had to quickly learn the workflow and work with raw footage. It was a fun challenge and the final product was the highlight of working on the show and something I'm very proud of.

This project will be published to GOLFPASS soon.

Videos about golf, for golfers.


In between projects for GOLF Advisor: Round Trip, I worked on projects for the editors of the Golf Advisor website. These ranged from videos highlighting Pebble Beach, the site of the 2019 U.S. Open, to more broad topics like "The Toughest Shots in Golf." GOLF believes everyone's favorite golfer is themselves, and that's why there is so much travel and instruction content on the various platforms GOLF oversees.

Most Terrifying Shots in Golf























Working at GOLF was a dream come true.


I cemented what I want to do while at GOLF. I want to work in media production that surrounds sports. Content that talks about sports. Things that explain what we love and why about sports. Working at a company who has a major focus on simply talking about the game and being successful in doing so is very exciting for me. I am very grateful for the opportunities I had at GOLF and hope I get to work with them again in the future!


Here is a video I made about the 2019 Summer Interns!


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