Custom creative for the NCAA.

With the NCAA coming to town, I decided we needed something special in the creative department. I kept the basic layout of our volleyball graphics, but added new shading, gradients, the NCAA “Legacy” font, animations, and some other tweaks; bringing our graphics up another level.

Three broadcasts, one weekend, completely student-run.

MUTV accepted the possibility of three NCAA Volleyball broadcasts, and with a Women’s Basketball game already scheduled that weekend, MUTV was responsible for four high-profile sports broadcasts over a three day period.  We were able to staff all of our production positions completely with student volunteers, and our team of directors and producers were able to walk them through setting white balance, focusing, and other basic camera operations on the fly.

Some Broadcasters of the 2018 NCAA Volleyball Tournament: ESPN, Fox Sports, MUTV.

It was a great privilege to not only have the opportunity, but also to be able to produce shows that were just about at the caliber of some of the networks covering other games. Professional-level graphics, replays, and multi camera switching all contributed to a production that didn’t look out of place next to established networks like ESPN and Fox Sports.

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