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The Ronoids25
Rolled Girbeau’s24
Netflix Should Stop Asking…21
The Scranton Stranglers15
Quiz Cats12
Wholesale Soul Whale12
Team Chicken Dinner11
Texas Tornadoes11
Alex and the Ferbers10
The Rittenhouse House10
Moist Towelettes9
Know It All Trebeck8
The Mackeys8
Brass Monkey7
California Cool Guys7
Joe and the Ferbers6
Aesop’s Foibles5
Mr Robot5
The Von Squad2
Gaelic Storm1
Lee and the Ferbers1
Momma Bear1
The White Claws1
Gam Pops0
Quiz Cats26
Honey, I am the kids.24
Andrew W.K.21
The Ronoids (Still Coughing)21
Ew, David!17
Red Hot Chili Peppers15
Texas Tornadoes14
Drawing a Blank13.5
The Von Squad11
Quarantined for 40 Days and Nights10
The Senior Os10
Momma Bear9
Tequila Mockingbird8
The Big Macs5
Small Italian1
Ew, David31.5
Texas Tornadoes22
Governing Board of the Anarchy Club20
Quiz Cats19
Anita’s Prodigal Progeny18
Han Flying Solo18
Ronoids: 2/3 Negative18
Turd Ferguson18
Realest McCoy17
Doc Sportello13
Spotted Cows13
Rizzo Fan Girls11
Spanish In-quiz-tiizon11
Chicken Dinner9
Momma Bear8
Team Coop0
charty’s lovers36
Simply Smitten Mutton Mitten36
The Ronoids: Poisitively Negative34.5
Ken Jennings27
Original O’K24
Murder Hornets23
California Cool Guys20
Ew David!20
Quiz Cats18
Texas Tornadoes17
Cathy & Cathy Jr.16
Drawing A Blank15
Brass Monkey 2014
Rizzo Fan Girls14
Momma Bear10
Special Agent Dale Cooper10
Small Italian6
Ew Tornado Fan Girls25
Tom McCarthy36
Children of the Corn22
deep state20
Emmett & Sarah19
Fern Baby Fern*27
Quiz Cats18
Toe Jam and Mullets18
Mr. Krabs17
Tom McCarthy’s Lifesize Lincoln Cutout20
Cathy & Cathy Jr.16
Team Chicken Dinner16
We should think of a good name.16
Brass Monkey21
Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre14
AP Flunkies13
Grace & Frankie15
Strong Bad10
laaaaa laaaa laa la laa la la a little bit Alexis6
1Wright Wink45
2Quiz Cats42
5Prairie Hot Dogs31.5
9Cars 2: The Videogame24
10Ty Webb23
11Angry T1D20
13Big Macs16
13Dog Pound16
13Herb Stemples16
16Former groundskeeper turned Masters champion13
17Momma Bear7

1Shea Serrano’s Fan Club42
2Quiz Cats36
3Last Minute Name31.5
4Momma Bear and her favorite cub30
6The Wright Winks24
7Jeff Gordon #2422.5
7Shark Tale: The Video Game22.5
9A Ballsy Ham Sandwich22
10Drawing A Blank19.5
11Big Macs18
13Joe and the Ferber’s16.5
16Summer Shandies12
17Team June8

1Quiz Cats36
2Not Charles Ingram34.5
3Steak and Potatoes27
4Roman J. Israel, Esq.:The Video Game24
5Drawing A Blank22
5Joe and the Ferber’s22
5Robert Downey, Jr. fan club22
8Alvin, Simon and Theodore20
9Fre Shava cados19.5
9My Poor Toast19.5
11Wright Wink17
12Dan O’Keefe II16.5
14Shea Serrano’s Fan Club14
15Robert Altman’s Ghost13
1Chainsaw Charlie28.5
2Indiana Jones and the Crystal Light28
3Laid off25
4I <3 Huckabees: The Video Game23
5The Crows Have Eyes 2: The Crowening21
6Flamey-O, Hotman!19
7Drawing a Blank18
7Quiz Cats18
9Party of One17
10Computer Says Nooo15
12Danny and His Pernicious Parents11
13Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake10


1 – SPORTSWhich Major League Baseball team is the only one not to share their city with an NHL, NBA, or NFL team?San Diego Padres
 Name a college basketball coach that currently coaches on a court named after them?Mike Krzyzewski (Duke), Jim Boeheim (Syracuse), Roy Williams (UNC)
 Even though nobody is hosting March Madness this year, what university’s arena has hosted more than any other arena?Dayton
 Centre Court is the venue for what sports championship?Wimbledon
 Winning all four majors in golf in a row but not in the same calendar year can be called what?Tiger Slam
2 – GEOGRAPHYOne has nuclear weapons, one has a bunch of rocks. 50/50 shot: which is the largest land-locked country: Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan?Kazakhstan
 How many U.S. States border the Gulf of Mexico?Five – From east to west:Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.
 How many local times are recognized throughout the world? 1pt if you’re within 5, 2pts if you’re spot on.Thirty seven
 Catalonia is a region of what country?Spain
 The town of Monowi has a population of one, which state is it located in?Nebraska
3 – UP IN THE AIRAlthough the FAA is in place in part to keep planes from flying into each other, it was founded after two planes few into each other above what national landmark?Grand Canyon
 Nowadays, you can fly pretty much anywhere. However, which two continents can you not catch a nonstop flight between? Excluding Antartica.Asia and South America
 Air Koryo is the worst reviewed airline in the world and is the flag carrier for what nation?North Korea
 On an airplane you’ll often hear what term, used to verify that tasks have been completed by crew members?Cross-check
 The Lockheed C-130 is by no means little, in fact it has what mythical nickname?Hercules
5 – TOSS UPWhat international icon is illegal to be photographed at night?Eiffel Tower
 The “M” in RMS Titanic suggests the ship was designated to carry what?Mail
 What is a group of giraffes called?A Tower
 The latin word “Equinox” translates to what in English?“Equal Night”
 Which is a primary color: green or yellow?Yellow
HAIL MARYWhat form of government is Vatican City?Absolute Monarchy

1 – RaidersIn Raiders of the Lost Ark, what fruit was poisoned while Indiana Jones was in Cairo?Dates
 The Las Vegas Raiders will begin play in the 2020 NFL season in a brand new stadium located in what city?Paradise, NV
 In the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy escapes natives in Peru with the help of his pilot Jock. Name either the hat he was wearing, or his pet snake’s name. 2 points for both.New York Yankees, Reggie
 Who did the Raiders rehire on a 10-year, $100 million dollar contract in 2018, making him the third highest paid coach in the NFL?John Gruden
 At the end of Raiders, the Ark of the Covenant doesn’t go to the museum and instead is brought to a place called Hangar 51, to be studied by whom?“Top Men”
2 – It’s a-me, trivia!In the original Donkey Kong, what was the name of the character the player controlled?Jumpman
 What are the names of Mario and Luigi’s nefarious counterparts?Wario and Waluigi
 Mario has done his fair share of extra-curricular activities: golfing, tennis, kart racing, even teaching. In the “Mario Teaches” series, what did he teach?Typing
 The 1993 Super Mario Bros. film is terrible. That being said, what “easy riding” Oscar winning actor played the villain, King Koopa?Dennis Hopper
 In the original Super Mario Bros., what does Toad say at the end of the first seven worlds?Thank you Mario, but Our Princess is in Another Castle!
3 – Death and TaxesThe RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on this day in what year?1912
 Abraham Lincoln died on this day in 1865 after being shot the previous evening by John Wilkes Booth. Upon his death, who became President?Andrew Johnson
 On this day in 2013, the attack on the Boston Marathon occured. 2020 will be the first year it isn’t run on what holiday?Patriots’ Day
 Hu Yaobang was killed today in 1989, leading to protests in China and most notably in what location?Tiananmen Square
 The worst disaster in British sporting history happened on this day in 1989 during an football match between Nottingham Forest and what Premier Leage team who “never walks alone?”Liverpool
4 – Best “Act”orsThe “Federal ___ Act of 1956” authorised $25 billion for the largest public works project in American history.Highway
 The Lend Lease Act authorized the sale of supplies to the UK, China, France, Soviet Union, and other countries during what global event?World War II
 In 1911, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was used to break up what energy monopoly?Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
 Who was President when the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law?George H. W. Bush
 We all know that Ronald Reagan was an actor before he became a politician. What current senator was “Persecuted!” as Samuel Parris in the 1992 Harvard production of The Crucible?Ted Cruz
5 – TOSS UPWhat’s a group of Rhino’s called?A Crash
 Rolls Royce vehicles traditionally have space for what in their doors?Umbrellas
 A full title of a diplomat who is the personal representative of a nation is an “Ambassador Extraordinary and ________.”Plenipotentiary
 Battle of the Network Stars and Zoey 101 were filmed on location at what Santa Monica university?Pepperdine
 What decade was the first “Video On Demand” service implemented?1990s
HAIL MARYWikipedia has 293 active languages worldwide. The most widely translated person, living or dead, is Jesus Christ, with 214 languages. Barack Obama is second. With 193 different language pages, who is the third most translated person, living or dead, on Wikipedia?
Corbin Bleu

1 – HeadlinesDecember 7, 1941 – HawaiiPearl Harbor
 December 13, 1903 – Kitty Hawk, North CarolinaWright Brothers’ First Flight
 August 31, 1997 – Paris, FranceDeath of Princess Diana
 November 2, 2016 – Cleveland, OhioCubs win World Series
 May 29, 1953 – Nepal / ChinaFirst summiting of Mount Everest
2 – The Last Dance – All About Michael JordanTwo teams have retired Jordan’s #23. The first is the Chicago Bulls. Who is the other team?Miami Heat
 In what city was Michael Jordan born?New York City (he grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina)
 Michael Jordan was drafted 3rd in the 1984 NBA Draft. Name the two players drafted before him (1 point per player)Hakeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie
 “Be Like Mike” is the name of a commercial starring Jordan for what drink?Gatorade
 Michael Jordan first retired from basketball after the 1993 season, returning in 1995. What Minor League baseball team did he play for in the meantime?Birmingham Barons
3 – Will the Real Game Show Please Stand Up?Family Feud, originally hosted by Richard Dawson, was created for him after his popularity as a panelist on what show?Match Game
 In 2019, what game show host became the longest-serving host of any game show, passing Bob Barker?Pat Sajak
 Please respond in the form of a question: Who was the original host of Jeopardy?Art Fleming
 The Academy Award-Nominated film Quiz Show, about the 1950s Quiz Show Scandals, revolves around which disgraced champion, who passed away in April of 2019?Charles Van Doren
 Steve Allen, Fred Allen, Bennett Cerf, and Arlene Francis all served as panelists on what popular employement related show, which ran from 1955-1967?What’s My Line?
4 – Pat FinnPat in FriendsFriends
 Pat in The MiddleThe Middle
 Pat as Joe Mayo in SeinfeldSeinfeld
 Pat in Third Rock from the SunThird Rock from the Sun
 Pat as Luxor in Wizards of Waverly PlaceWizards of Waverly Place
5 – Toss UpWhat’s a group of ferrets called?A Business
 What sport has been proven to help improve your posture?Horseback Riding
 At the same time as the infamous one in Chicago, two other states in the region had historic fires at the same time. 1 point for each.Wisconsin and Michigan
 What kind of water is used in nuclear reactor?Heavy
 Which is further north: The Tropic of Cancer or Capricorn?Cancer
HAIL MARYUntil the Burj Khalifa in Dubai was built, Petronius was the tallest free standing structure in the world despite only about 75 meters of it being visible. What type of structure is Petronius?Oil Rig
TIE BREAKERWhere is Petronius located? Closest wins.Gulf of Mexico

1 – WonkavisionWho is the third child to have a mishap and cause the Oompa-Loompas to sing us a lesson themed song?Veruca Salt
 What color is the hair of the Oompa-Loompas?Green
 Which food company, who now has Gatorade as a subsidiary, funded the film as a big commercial for candy?Quaker Oats
 How many golden tickets were circulated?Five
 What european country was the film shot in?Germany
2 – Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster BabyKingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster, is within the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park, located in what state?New Jersey
 The world’s first roller coaster, opened in 1885, was called the Switchback Railway. What historic theme park was it in?Coney Island
 The first tubular steel roller coaster opened at Disneyland in 1959, and is still running today. What ride is it?Matterhorn Bobsleds
 The Little Dipper, a historic children’s roller coaster, was relocated to Six Flags Great America from what historic park whose slogan was “It’s about fun!”Kiddieland
 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a themed land at what cinematic resort?Universal Resort
3 – Famous RelativesAnderson Cooper and Timothy Olyphant are both members of what historically prominent family, whose name also graces a southern university?Vanderbilt
 Mary Jane and Dorothy Virginia Gumm’s sister, Frances Ethel, is better known by what festive name?Judy Garland
 CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are brothers. What was their father’s name, who was also Governor of New York?Mario Cuomo
 Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh’s daughter had her acting debut in 1978’s Halloween, and won a Golden Globe for her role in True Lies. Who is she?Jamie Lee Curtis
 Katharine Martha Houghton was a suffregette. In 1999, her daughter, known for roles in The Philadelphia Story and On Golden Pond, was named the greatest female movie star of all time. Who was she?Katherine Hepburn
4 – Boy BandsOne DirectionUp All Night
 Backstreet BoysMillenium
 N’SyncNo Strings Attached
 Big Time RushBTR
 NKOTBHangin’ Tough
5 – Toss UpWhat’s a group of flamingos called?A Flamboyance
 Boeing Air Transport (later United Airlines) hired flight attendants who were also registered in what profession?Nursing
 The first NBA-licensed video game, released in 1989, was titled “Lakers versus _____ and the NBA Playoffs.” Who was the other team?Celtics
 Which international airport in the United States has regularly-scheduled flights to Area 51?McCarren International Airport, Las Vegas (LAS)
 What is the largest island on the west coast of the Americas?Vancouver Island
HAIL MARYPride of America, owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines, was the first new cruise ship registered in the United States in over fifty years, because she doesn’t leave American waters. Her port is in what US state?Hawaii
TIE BREAKERWhat year did the Pride of America enter service? Closest without going over wins.2005

1 – Actors Gone MusicalWhat Canadian rapper started from the bottom on the teen sitcom Degrassi: The Next Generation?Drake
 Which actor, known for his roles in My So-Called Life, Suicide Squad, and his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club, is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars?Jared Leto
 Jim Neighbors sang before the Indianapolis 500 almost every year from 1972-2014. He was better known for playing what gas station attendent turned USMC Private?Gomer Pyle
 Germans love this man. What former Knight Rider and Baywatcher performed on top of the Berlin Wall on New Year’s Eve in 1999?David Hasselhoff
 Vincent LaGuardia Giambi Sings Just For You is the first album from what diminuative, brooding actor, known for his roles in Goodfellas and Home Alone?Joe Pesci
2 – Apocalypse ‘NamDuring the Vietnam war, the US Army used “PBR’s” to patrol the Mekong which stood for “Patrol Boat, _______”.River
HINT: Apocalypse Now ClipWhat firery substance was used extensively to burn the jungles of Vietnam? Smells great in the morning.Napalm
 What name did the US use to casually refer to the Viet Cong?Charlie
 Ho Chi Minh City was the capital of south Vietnam when it was called what?Saigon
 The remains in the crypt for the Vietnam War at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider were removed when the solider was identified in the late 90’s. What cemetary is the Tomb?Arlington National Cemetary
3 – Raise the RoofA roof was proposed for the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City that could roll over Kauffman Stadium or what other stadium, home of the Chiefs?Arrowhead Stadium
 The world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome tops what historic structure in Rome?The Pantheon
 An iconic giant plastic dome, originally The Mellenium Dome and now called the O2, was the busiest music arena in the world in terms of ticket sales as of 2017. What city is it located in?London
 The 1968 Chevrolet Corvette was the first US-built car to feature this type of roof, which comes off in two pieces?T-top
 After years of playing under the swealtering Texas heat, the MLB’s Rangers have finished building Globe Life Field with a retractable roof in what city?Arlington, Texas
4 – NAME THAT BAND!Bee Gees 
 Imagine Dragons 
 The Eagles 
5 – Toss UpWhat’s a group of frogs called?An Army
 Who are the “Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Inner Excellence?”Beastie Boys
 True or False: Portions of the Interstate Highway System are designed to be emergency runways for US military forces in case of war.False!
 The United States’ Amundsen–Scott Station is located specifically at what spot on the planet?South Pole
 ESPN has begun airing KBO games from South Korea since they resumed playing what sport?Baseball
HAIL MARYWhat person, whose work most would recognize instantly, has been nominated for 52 Academy Awards, the most of any living person?John Williams
TIE BREAKERWhat year was he first nominated?1968

1 – AP US HistoryWho invented the cotton gin?Eli Whitney
(shoutout Tom McCarthy)For twenty-two days in 1962 the US Strategic Air Command was at DEFCON 2 during what political stand-off?Cuban Missile Crisis
 Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer took his last stand in 1876 during the Battle of Little Bighorn in what northern US State?Montana
HINT #1: Go around the hornTeddy Roosevelt and the United States wanted to dig a ditch through an isthmus, so they supported (then screwed over) rebels who eventually created what country?Panama
 What term was used to describe the belief that American settlers were destined to take control of the contintent?Manifest Destiny
2 – AP Psych?What is the awareness that things continue to exist even when not perceived, which typically starts to develop between 4-7 months of age?Object permanence
(Shoutout Tom Kickham)What is the “executive” process of the brain and attempts to satisfy the will of the id, something Kanye West would know a lot about?Ego
 What is the neural center that is located in the limbic system and helps process explicit memories for storage, also an indie rock band from Minnesota?Hippocampus
 What Austrian neurologist wants you to tell him about your mother?Sigmund Freud
 Classical conditioning was used by what Russian psychologist, most famous for making dogs salivate?Ivan Pavlov
3 – AP Government & Politics (US)Millard Fillmore was the last President of the United States elected by what political party?Whig
 How many electors are in the electoral college?538
 Who is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms?Grover Cleveland
 The Vice President of the United States is the highest ranking member of the Senate, but in their absense the senator in what position takes over, who is also third in the presidential line of succession?President Pro Tempore
 How many U.S. States are officially designated as “Commonwealths?”4 – Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia
4 – AP Micro & MacroeconomicsThe 2008 financial crisis was triggered by defaulting sub-prime mortgages and causing the housing market to collapse. What Michael Lewis book, later adapted into a 2015 film, told the story of this event?The Big Short
(Shoutout Kevin Foy)In theory, trickle-down economics reduces taxes on businesses and the wealthy to benefit society at large in the long term. This was in a presidential economic policy in the 1980s, given what catchy nickname?Reaganomics
 The Federal Reserve, America’s central banking system, buys and sells securities in order to control what aspect of American banking?Interest rates
HINT #2: Sell me this pen.What two words are used to describe the central part of business, economy, and basically how society operates? No partial credit, only worth 1 point.Supply and Demand
 The United States Bullion Depository reportedly holds 4,580 metric tons of gold, over half of the US Treasury’s total gold supply. Which US Army outpost in Kentucky is it located?Fort Knox
5 – AP General Studies? (Toss Up)AP Biology: What’s a group of gorillas called?A Troop
 AP Music Theory: The measure of how many beats are in a measure is known as what?Time Signature
 AP Computer Science: HTTP stands for Hyper Text _______ Protocol. Fill in the blank.Transfer
 AP Literature: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is the opening line of what classic novel?A Tale of Two Cities
 AP Biology: What is the powerhouse of the cell?Mitochondria
HAIL MARYAP Physics: All of the planets in our solar system orbit the sun in ellipses at different rates. Which planet is most often the closest planet to Earth? (in other words, the mostest closest)Mercury
TIE BREAKERHow many AP exams did the College Board offer in 2020? Closest without going over.38

1 – Questions in MoviesIn Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sallah asks Indy above the Well of the Souls “Why does the floor move?”Snakes
 In Se7en, David Mills asks out in the desert “What’s in the box?”His wife’s head
 In Goldfinger, James Bond 007 asks “Do you expect me to talk?” and Goldfinger replies “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to _____!”Die
 In Back to the Future, Marty asks “Why do you keep calling me Calvin?” and his mother responds “That’s your name isn’t it? Says so on your ______.”Underwear
Hint: Caddyshack clipIn Caddyshack, Ty Webb asks “Do you take drugs, Danny?”Everyday
2 – Has Science Gone Too Far?Ivy Mike was the first of what kind of weapon, which some scientists feared would destroy the atmosphere?Hydrogen Bomb
 The Higgs Boson is sometimes referred to as the “____” particle. Fill in the blank.God
 Dolly the Sheep was notable for being the one of the first what?Cloned Animal
 In 2012, what famous rapper returned as a “hologram” at Coachella?Tupac Shakur
 The Geneva Convention has banned the use of what kind of gas in war, commonly used to break up protests in the United States?Tear Gas
3 – Name the SongWe can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine.Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
 From my heart and from my hand, Why don’t people understand, My intentionsWeird Science, Oingo Boingo
 Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying, Fake computer crashes dining, Cloning while they’re multiplyingYou Get What You Give, New Radicals
 Ridin’ on a tractor, Lean all in my bladder, Cheated on my baby, You can go and ask herOld Town Road, Lil Nas X
 Hello, hello, baby, You called, I can’t hear a thing, I have got no service,In the club, you see, seeTelephone, Lady Gaga
4 – The Great SocietyWhat president launched the set of domestic programs known as the Great Society in 1964?Lyndon B. Johnson
 The Social Security Act of 1965 authorised what federal program, funding the medical costs of many older Americans?Medicare
 The Corporation for Public Broadcasting initially funded the National Education Television system. In 1969, it created what broadcaster?PBS
 In the 1964 elections, Democrats captured 2/3rds of both the house and senate, thus creating what kind of majority?Supermajority or Veto-Proof Majority
 The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was inspired by the 1966 book Unsafe at Any Speed, written by which future Green Party presidential candidate?Ralph Nader
5 – Toss UpWhat’s a group of crows called?A Murder
 Music and podcast streaming company Spotify is based in what country?Sweden
 What does one send to indicate the telegraph message is finished?Full Stop
 Spacex launched the first crewed mission from U.S. Soil since STS-135 in 2011 aboard which Space Shuttle?Atlantis
 Who is the only NBA player to win “Rookie of the Month” every month of their rookie year, but not win “Rookie of the Year?”Carmello Anthony
HAIL MARYThe longest distance a U.S. Citizen can travel without a passport is between Point Udall and Point Udall, named after brothers and Arizona congressmen Stewart and Mo Udall.Guam
 The easternmost point is in the U.S. Virgin Islands, on what Pacific territory is the other point? 
TIE BREAKERWhat year did US forces recapture Guam from the Japanese? Closest without going over.1944
1 – TRAINS!What major train station is situated directly below Madison Square Garden in New York City?Pennsylvania Station
On the border of France and Spain, you’re required to change trains because the two countries have different what, or the width between the tracks?Gauge
The longest train trip you can take in the world goes across what region, one of the most sparsely populated on Earth?Siberia
Who’s eponymous company made sleeping cars profitable?Pullman
Amtrak’s Acela Express is one of the only profitable passenger corridors in the country. The line runs between Union Station in Washington D.C. and what other city?Boston, Massachusetts
2 – Must See TVWhat 1970s show’s finale, entitled “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” was the most watched TV broadcast in American history, until it was surpassed by Super Bowl XLIV?M*A*S*H
The Beatles first American television appearance was on what show?The Ed Sullivan Show
Michael J. Fox played Alex P. Keaton on what 80s sitcom?Family Ties
Seinfeld, Friends, The Office, and My Name Is Earl were all parts of what NBC primetime programming block with a rhyming name?Must See TV
What classic sitcom with a female lead had a 67.3 average rating during the 1952 season, the highest rating for a television season in history?I Love Lucy
3 – AcronymsUTC – Coordinated Universal ________Time
NASA – National ________ & Space AdministrationAeronautics
NATO – North ______ Treaty OrganizationAtlantic
AWOL – ______ Without LeaveAbsent
CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell __________ and Humans ApartComputers
4 – The House of RepresentativesWhat singer, who was one half of the husband and wife team who recorded “I Got You Babe”, later became a Republican congressman for California’s 44th district?Sonny Bono
How many voting members make up the House of Representatives?435
What future Vice President, hailing from Tennessee, was the first Representative to speak during the first televised debate on the House floor, in 1979?Al Gore
Don Young, the current longest serving member of the House of Representatives, holds the only seat from which state?Alaska
Who was the first woman elected to the Speaker of the House position?Nancy Pelosi
5 – Toss UpWhat’s a group of jellyfish called?A Smack (bloom or swarm accepted)
Where was the first Kentucky Fried Chicken? 1 point if you could name the state, 1 point if you can name the city.Salt Lake City, Utah
What sports franchise was the first to own their own plane, delivered one year before they moved?Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers
What mammal can survive a fall from any height because it has learned to survive impacts from its terminal velocity?Squirrels
True or False: There’s a full, regulation-sized basketball court inside the Matterhorn at Disneyland.False! Just a hoop.
HAIL MARYSix former Saturday Night Live cast members have been nominated for acting Oscars. Two have been nominated twice, one of which being Joan Cusack. Which famous “Jr.” is the other two-time Oscar nominee?Robert Downey Jr.
TIE BREAKERWhat year were he and Joan Cusack cast members?1985-86
1 – States! xWhat U.S. state has the 7th largest GDP in the world?California
xThere are four natural states of matter. Aside from solid, liquid, and gas, what is the other state?Plasma
xWhat is the name of the customary speech given by governors to their respective legislative bodies once a year?State of the State
xSomehow, in 2020, one state still has the Confedarate flag as part of their state flag. What state is it?Mississippi
xThomas Jefferson was the first head of what federal executive department in the United States?The State Department
2 – Upset About That Upset xIn 2006, this Best Picture winner beat out Brokeback Mountian, much to the surprise of presenter Jack NicholsonCrash
ALEX xIn 1993, she won Best Supporting Actress for My Cousin Vinny, leading many to believe it was a mistakeMarisa Tomei
xIn 1989, Kevin Kline, who ironically voices Mr. Fischoeder on Bob’s Burgers, won Best Supporting Actor for this comedy co-starring Jamie Lee Curtis and John CleeseA Fish Called Wanda
xIn 2014, Taylor Swift thought she almost won Album of the Year for Red, when the Grammy went to Random Access Memories, made by these robotic musiciansDaft Punk
xIn 2015, this artist wasn’t a “Loser” when he won Album of the Year, beating out Beyonce, much to Kanye West’s chagrin.Beck
3 – Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal xVince Vaughn starred in the 1998 line-for-line remake of what Alfred Hitchcock classic?Psycho
xIn 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia stole what famouse work of art from the Louvre?Mona Lisa
xGeorge Harrison was found guilty of “subconsciously copying” the song “He’s So Fine” when he wrote what somewhat holy song?My Sweet Lord
xSinead O’Connor became famous with her version of the song “Nothing Compares 2 U”, originally by what virtuoso artist?Prince
xIn 1990, theives stole The Storm on the Sea, the only seascape from what Dutch painter known for The Night Watch, whose name inspired the band behind the Friends theme song?Rembrandt
4 – State Shapes xSouth Dakota
Hint: No, it’s Iowa xIowa
5 – Toss Up xWhat’s a group of camels called?A caravan
xIn 2006 The Walt Disney Company traded which sportscaster in exchange for the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from NBCUniversal?Al Michaels
xWhich artist produced and was featured on Justin Timberlake’s iconic “SexyBack”?Timbaland
xWhat city is Alaska Airlines headquartered in?Seattle
xMark McGwire became a World Series champion playing for what team?Oakland Athletics (A’s)
HAIL MARYDue to its overseas collection of territories that are still their soverign land, which European country is the only to currently hold terriroty on six of the seven continents?France
TIE BREAKERThe easternmost part of the EU is the French overseas department Mayotte, which became an overseas department in what year? Closest without going over.2011
1 – LAKESHow do you say Lake in Irish and Scottish Gaelich?Loch
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald occurred on which Great Lake?Lake Superior
True or False: The waves on lakes are mainly caused by tides.False!
What is the largest lake in the world, despite what it’s name may claim it to be?Caspian Sea
What lake with a childishly funny name, located in the Andes mountains, is the highest navigable lake in the world?Lake Titicaca
2 – Brom coms (just guys being dudes)“Hide Your Bridesmaids” was the tagline for what 2005 bro-com starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson?Wedding Crashers
HINT: Slappa da bassPaul Rudd slaps a little bass with Jason Segel in what 2009 bromantic comedy?I Love You, Man
Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly go through life as adult children in what 2008 bro-com?Step Brothers
Zach Galifianakis ends up with a baby strapped to him in what 2009 bro-com about a bachelor party gone wrong?The Hangover
Kevin Hart provides a wedding party for Josh Gad in what 2015 bromantic comedy?The Wedding Ringer
3 – Dan Plays Famous BasslinesFleetwood MacThe Chain
Ben E. KingStand By Me
NirvanaCome as You Are
JetAre You Gonna Be My Girl?
Chicago25 or 6 to 4
4 – Great Moments in Presidential HistoryWe all have heard the words “Teapot Dome” at somepoint while we were sleeping through history class. Who was president during that scandal?Warren G. Harding
The 1994 film Quiz Show features a joke about a president dying, causing someone to exclaim “Nixon is president?” Which president had “died”?Dwight D. Eisenhower
Who is the only President to have a Wikipedia section about his life entitled “Cowboy in Dakota?”Theodore Roosevelt
What newspaper, formerly known as the “World’s Greatest Newspaper” printed the (incorrect) headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”?Chicago Tribune
Which President said this immortal quote? “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.'”George W. Bush
5 – Toss UpWhat’s a group of dolphins called?A pod
What was the flight number of the Malaysian airlines flight that disappeared in 2014?MH370
Steven Spielberg named the shark in Jaws what?Bruce
What acronym was used in telegraph messages from the primary resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?POTUS
The prade in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was celebrating what holiday?Von Stuben Day
HAIL MARYAbraham Lincoln was originally elected on the Republican Party ticket. For his re-election, what party was he a part of?National Union
TIE BREAKERWhat year was the National Union party dissolved? (Closest without going over)1868