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Marquette Wire Sports


Marquette Wire Sports


Marquette Wire Sports is the sports desk of Marquette University Student Media. In addition to writing for marquettewire.org, they print articles in the Marquette Tribune and Journal, create audio content for Marquette Radio, and both produce a television show on MUTV and create video packages for the Wire.


Wire Sports was looking to create a brand image that would unify their various platforms and content. They wanted more than a logo; they wanted elements that could be cross-platform.


A universal logo, standard elements, and color pallette. A dark navy gradient, adaptable font style, and subtle creative elements that could adapt any creative asset to align with their brand image.


By following the guidelines we set, elements could be used in ways not originally imagined while maintaining the brand image. Background text-outlined elements could be adapted to act as titles, line elements designed to frame accents could be accents themselves, and pattern overlays originally intended for the entire image could be used selectively to add depth, for example.


I created a distinct, flexible, and modern brand image with elements Wire Sports was able to adapt across digital, print, and motion graphics on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, The Marquette Tribune, marquettewire.org, and MUTV.

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