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2019 Marquette Presidential Address



Addressing the University.

Dr. Michael Lovell addresses the Marquette University community in his Presidential Address. Annually in the Alumni Memorial Union, Dr. Lovell uses this presentation to review the state of the University, announce initiatives and plans for the upcoming year, and address questions.








"Mr. Speaker, the President of Marquette University"

When approaching how to cover Dr. Lovell's address, we were immediately drawn to the State of the Union Address by the President of the United States. We modeled our coverage as if we were a national news organization covering the SOTU. We researched talking points and scripted a pre-show that would prepare our audience for the address, followed by a reaction interview to begin to unpack what was announced and what it means to the University.




























A production fit for a President.

Our production was introduced and ended in the Jeannie Hayes Virtual Studio, one of the only Ross Video Furio/Frontier studio at a university.  The show was switched on a Ross Acuity, graphics were powered by XPression, video record and playback on Tria. We essentially ran two seperate productions at the same time, our remote setup acting independently from our studio. When the address ended we talked with a Marquette Wire staff member who broke down the address for us in the newly-renovated Marquette Wire newsroom.











The result

In the end we were able to produce a high quality, completely student-produced broadcast staffed by volunteers in the middle of a school day that properly informed the Marquette community and served as an excellent learning experience. I am very proud of our team. Watch the address below: